Question: I found myself wearing a suit and sitting in a large hall that reminded me of the scale you’d find in a Hogwart’s castle. I’m pretty sure that I was channeling my inner James Bond because I was pretty sure I was on a mission to infiltrate this school and save a professor who had some important information, typical spy plot line save the world kind of stuff.
The weird thing though was that the school was more of a giant labyrinth than anything and I think maybe some of the rules of inception were taking to effect. The hallways seemed to move around and I moved from room to room without using doors. I eventually found my way to a winding staircase only to find my target murdered. Mission not accomplished.Then I was whisked away to what seemed to be another mission because I was instantly in another room with a model who I had seen earlier in the week from a commercial I showed to a friend. She may have been a competitor or an ally I’m not sure but I distinctly remember her trying to conceal a crazily tiny knife blade so maybe more of a competitor. I never found out because the next thing I know I hear my mom’s voice asking me if I had seen the recently released movie Chronicle and then I woke up.
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