Question: It first happened about 5 years ago. I was sleeping on my couch during the afternoon, and woke up because i could feel something sitting on the couch with me, it was being sexual….it’s so hard to explain i know that it’s something bad, but can’t fight it off. It lasted for about ten minutes, I couldn’t move, or shout or anything but the more I focused on making it stop if eventually did.
It happened a few times after that, but it just happened about a half hour ago..i now live in a different house, had fallen asleep on the couch and could feel something performing a sexual act on me, I could hear everything that was happening on the programme on tv, could sometimes open open my eyes and see but couldn’t move.This time i was being pushed as if something was trying to get beside me, I don’t know if I actually did, but felt like I was being moved. Then i could feel a huge weight sitting on the couch in the gap that my curled legs had left, I then felt whatever it was lie on top of me, with its arm heavy over my upper body, by this point i was point i was very frightened, i then heared a loud growl in my ear…i was trying my hardest to move my hands, i managed to clap my hands, this is when i came out of
it. i am very worried about this and am not sure what to do.

Answer: Thank you for sharing your experience. You were right to submit this to our sleep paralysis section, as it definitely sounds like that. Sleep paralysis is known to be accompanied by scary visions, but what’s more it is also known to be accompanied by sexual experiences.If you read up on the causes of sleep paralysis, you’ll learn that it takes place in REM sleep. This is why it is more likely to occur when you wake up from a nap. (I imagine you were waking up from a nap on the couch during both of the experiences you describe). REM sleep is actually somewhat of a sexually aroused state, as both men and women experience tumescence during this stage of sleep. Unfortunately, the combination of being stuck in a sexually-stimulated dream world and a waking world in which you are paralyzed and afraid is not a particular enjoyable one for most people.I’m sorry you had to go through this, but I hope that learning a bit about the science of how sleep and sleep paralysis work will help you cope with any future experiences. Please feel free to update this page with any additional comments you might have.

Thanks for your question and good luck,