Question: Both my daughters (I have two daughters) and I have had sleep walking incidences (both of us
were teens at the time). I’ll share one of my daughters first. Sleepwalking can be DANGEROUS!!!I was asleep and suddenly there was a large “smash”. I ran to my 16-17 year old daughters room to where the noise had come from.. only to find her standing there in a very dazed state before a window which was completely smashed. I noticed she had little cuts all over her face, which was bleeding.When she recovered and woke up properly.. she told me she’d dreamed she was running fromsomething.This incident was quite scary for me as if there hadn’t been a small cupboard in front of that window which stopped her body, so only her face went through the window, she would of gone right through it and as our house is raised there is quite a long drop onto concrete below. It was only that which stopped her from being severely injured or killed. Before that incident other then sleepwalking with at the same time night terrors when very young (2-3 years old), we hadn’t had any major sleepwalking incidents with her again till the window one. I used to just usually hear her walking about the house while asleep (she would talk back unintelligibly) and I would just walk her back to bed while still asleep. Most of the sleepwalking started up again when she hit teen years. She’d never remember those incidents in the the morning……..I first remember sleepwalking when I was 16-17 years. I had several incidents or so.. I’d
wake up to find myself out of bed doing something. I’ll share two of those.I woke up to find myself in my kitchen, cup in one hand and a kettle of boiled water (yesI’d actually boiled water in my sleep!) in my other hand and I was about to pour the boiling water, tipping the kettle upwards into the cup as I came to. Not a good time at all to wake up. I almost dropped both the kettle of hot water and the cup as I suddenly awoke………My other incident is the one which scared me the most as I don’t really know what happened.I woke up to find myself OUTSIDE opening the front door to the house.. I was naked. (I’d gone to bed naked.. it was a freakout to find oneself outside naked). To top that off.. I’d dreamed I’d walked all around my country town and also dreamed I was up on the roof of the house at one point. So who knows what I got up to while sleepwalking on that occasion. Thank God I got no reports back from locals about seeing me.After that incident I asked my boyfriend I was living with at the time to hide the house keys to make sure I always stayed in house while asleep.I grew out of these sleep walking incidents (I think.. I live alone).A couple of months back neighbours rang police as I was screaming in my sleep so they thought I was being attacked. Embarrassing having police banging on door waking me, I didn’t remember the dream.Peaceful dreams everyone,Tania