Question: Well I am currently 16 years old, I dropped out of high school and began to study at home, as well as work sometimes fixing computers and such. I exercise, body build weekly as well. Recently I’ve begun to stay up all night, until the sun is shining like a golden coin. I have troubles sleeping before that happens, or when its dark. I am not one of those people with fear of the dark or anything that prevents them from sleeping at night, it just doesn’t come to me, lately, I just spend the night partying or awake doing nothing in my house, I always go to the roof and watch the sunrise, sometimes with a girl friend, different ones anyway.
This started happening like two weeks ago. Now, I sleep about 16-20 hours everyday, wake up for lunch, go to sleep, wake up for dinner, stay up until the sun shines, or sometimes wake up at 3am and stay up, going to sleep at about 8 all over again. Any reasons why this could be happening? Maybe the lack of school activity keeping my mind busy?

Answer: Hey Victor, sounds like you may have helped yourself develop a delayed sleep phase. Check out this article to find out what that is, and visit this visitor-submitted question for a good way to change it if you want to.

Thanks for your question and good luck,