Question: My boyfriend and I have been together for about 1 year now. I’ve been having trouble sleeping due to the fact I wake up from hearing him scream and scared to death. Last night was the worst I have seen yet. He went to bed and about 60 minutes after he fell asleep I heard him shouting. Then he began to scream, this scream was a terrible scream…almost as if someone was trying to kill him. I began shaking him gently and yelling his name to wake him, eventually he did awake. He was crying when I woke him and said he didn’t want to go back to sleep because they were “trying to get him.” He keeps referring to “they” which I’m not sure who they is. He said that they are very bad and he won’t let them hurt me or his family.
This happened on 3 more occasions directly after he fell back asleep. After those episodes, he didn’t have anymore and began to snore. I honestly thought it was the devil coming after him, testing his faith. After reading more about sleep terrors I realized or hoped this is what it truely is.I am going to pick up some St. John Wort hoping this herb will help somewhat as I read that it has helped others. I notice the terrors or nightmares are even worse when he drinks.If anyone has useful tips and or suggestions please let me know as I would like to help him get rid of these episodes. He did mention when he was out of it that this has been happening all of his life and he never said anything to anyone.