Question: I’m a 23 year old Male and I’ve been having these sleep paralysis episodes for years. The earliest one that I can remember being when I was 8 or so. I was actually sleeping with 2 other relatives in a bed and woke up paralyzed and scared seeing a figure in the window in the room, and it seemed like it was clawing on the window.
After this I would not sleep near a window or if i was near a window i would cover it until I was around 14 and I grew out of the fear.Since then I have had 20 or more occurrences of waking paralyzed usually with a tingly feeling through out my entire body and feeling scared, seeing a shadowy figure in the room or standing over me or just like a darkness sort of a cloud in the room. It has never spoke or made noise.Most recently When these SP’s happen I’ve actually been getting mad (but also always scared) at the “figure”. When in SP I’ll be so mad I’ll try to like fling my body up and like attack the image which of course never works because I can’t move. But when I finally snap out of the SP I actually get out of my bed and either fling the closet open or door or so some other kind of aggressive act, almost like I’m trying to scare the “thing” or shadowy figure away.This actually seems to help me go back to sleep and I recommend it to other people, I just get this anger like screw this “thing” you’re not gonna bother me anymore and the scared feeling goes away and I go back to sleep without incident.I don’t really believe in god, I more believe in energy and Consciousness, when we die maybe our Consciousness energy enters another world and we are eventually reborn when we decide to be.