Question: I’ve been sleep talking, eating and moving/walking for about 10 years but the last year it has definitely worsened. I’m 26 years old.
I guess it started from when I was a young teen and I punched my sister in her face whilst sleeping, I’ve punched my boyfriend before, woke up screaming, crying, hugging a pillow. Sometimes I’ll get up, have a half conscious, but still basically asleep conversation whilst going to the kitchen and eating. It’s always bad, quick snacky stuff too.I constantly dream about insects in my bed or I see shadow people in my room, and I don’t realise I’m dreamIng until I somehow tire the light on to wake myself up. Recently I’ve been waking myself up more & more to find myself mid conversation. I ran out of my bedroom into an open cupboard door, expecting to find someone on the otherwise hiding. The shock if it must’ve woken me because I suffered about 30 seconds sleep inertia then realised it wasn’t real and it was just so, so confused.I’ve used phone apps as well and sometimes I know I’ve been talking but hm there’s been instances where I’m not aware, I think it happens nearly every night & I’m definitely becoming more mobile. The sleep eating thing is at least 1-3 times a month. Basically, should I see a doctor? I’m worried they’ll laugh at me, it all sounds so stupid, my doctor will probably scoff.