Question: I dreamed that Professor Dement showed up in class with a group of narcoleptic dogs and gave a demonstration. He asked for volunteers to feed the dogs treats and somehow I got chosen to go on stage. I took turns inducing Cataplexy in the dogs and my task was to keep as many of them paralyzed as possible, so I was rushing around the stage feeding the dogs with treats.
Just as everyone was enjoying the demonstration, Professor Dement somehow whipped out a physical incarnation of an A+ for the class (it was like a spinning red ball of energy) in his hands. He told me that I could receive that grade if I could take it from his hands. Naturally, I walked towards him and just as I was about to touch it, I lost control of my legs and knelt forwards. I realized that I was suffering a bout of Cataplexy and couldn’t reach the A+ anymore but I kept on struggling to get up.The dogs recovered from their paralysis to swarm excitedly around me and then I woke up.
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