Question: My boyfriend says “Silly Hats” in a whispery drunken-sounding drawl, every night, usually just moments after falling asleep. He is 42, in good health, if slightly overweight, doesn’t drink or smoke, and is maybe a bit stressed because of work. He’s a vegetarian, and bald.
He is a good-humoured man but he gets really wound up when I tell him about this, denying it happens and he refuses to let me record him asleep. He is a light sleeper and seems to wake up as soon as I pick up my phone to record him!He has no particular reason to be saying anything about ‘silly hats’. It’s a really weird and random thing to be saying, he can never recall dreaming about hats of any sort, and this just adds to his denial, and he’s convinced I’m playing some sort of elaborate joke on him!