Question: I was in the French House (where I live on campus, except that it was an enormous white palatial palace) but it was in the middle of the wilderness and there were no other buildings in sight. Instead of going to class, the residents had a special project – hang glide out of the top floor window into the valley below (which was gorgeous, green, lush and had a river flowing through it) and collect data in the jungle for National Geographic.
Not very many people liked National Geographic and so everyone hated doing this (although hang gliding down was EPIC and the view was insanely beautiful). Instead, we jumped out of the first floor window on the other side of the house (which faced a combination of an African savannah and a rainforest) and did our own exploring. This was the side of the wildnerness we weren’t supposed to visit and therefore the door was locked. As we soon discovered, there was a reason this was banned. I jumped out the window and rolled into some huge and angry rhinos who chased after me. Just as I tried to run away and escape them, I almost ran into a herd of angry elephants which tried to trample me. I scrambled out of their way and ran for cover near two trees. Bad idea – just as I was pausing to breathe in between the trees, two enormous leopards jumped down from the two trees and ran towards me. In a matter of seconds, they had covered the distance and as both leaped into the air above me, I did the only thing I could do. As I ducked, the two leopards collided mid-air and came crashing down together by my side. I looked around, took advantage of their lack of consciousness and ran for my life back towards the house. Just when I got within viewing distance, I saw the herd of elephants standing in front of the door. My heart was pounding, my breathing short and my blood pumped full of adrenalin and panic. I couldn’t handle the terror from facing the pure muscle, anger and size of these wild animals. I blinked and heard the music of my alarm clock. I woke up with a jolt and breathed a huge sigh of relief – there were no uncharacteristically ferocious, enormous and terrifyingly angry animals anywhere near me. THANK GOD.
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