Question: So, I need to start by giving some background information that certainly provoked this dream.
My friend, Taylor, had her dad stop by the dorms to drop off a futon and a tv. He offered to take Taylor on a Trader Joe’s run afterwards. Taylor invited me to go with, and I definitely accepted the invite (as my fridge was completely deprived of the usual berries and wraps). We drove into Town & Country and attempted to find a parking spot when all of the sudden, I spotted a shadowy figure in the middle of the road. Immediately, I screamed “STOP!” The car halted to a stop as did another car to our left. The shadowy figure was no other than a injured squirrel, struggling to get out of harm’s way. He painfully scurried into the brush on the side of the road. We quickly decided to check up on him after our Trader Joe’s run. Either we would see the squirrel was fine and let him be, take the squirrel to the Humane Society for care, or her father offered to comfort him until he passes away. We bought one of the recyclable bags and quickly hurried over the bushes. Unfortunately, we found the squirrel and he was not moving. Her father gently picked him up and put him into the bag I was holding. Once we put him into the bag, I noticed his eye slowly blinking as he was gasping for air. I felt so bad because I could do nothing to help him. Her father would take him back to his house and keep him warm and comfortable so the squirrel would not get picked at by predators all night. her father dropped us off, and we said out goodbyes. Forty-five minutes later, Taylor’s father notified us of “Rocky”‘s death. I don’t know why this hit me so hard. I was devastated and got really emotional about the situation. And now, for the dream.It was a dark night and several of my “unidentifiable” friends and I were walking around KA by the brush and trees. We decided to walk across this (imaginary) wooden bridge and as we were walking, we spotted thousands of squirrels! I am not overreacting, there must have been thousands of them, all randomly scurrying around the floor. Everyone was laughing and pointing at them. Out of all this loud and visual madness, I noticed one squirrel in particular that was staring at me and not moving. Luckily, I had some trail mix in my purse and I put all of it down for the squirrel to eat. I thought that he would hurry on over and say, “thank you, miss!” because of course this was a dream and squirrels can talk in dreams. However, he didn’t come close at all, but was still staring at me with some look of curiosity and eagerness. All of my friends were minding their own business and walking away, but I was slowly tracing behind them. I saw the squirrel hopped over to the pile
of trail mix and was still staring at me.After a few hours, I was walking home by myself and felt like a presence was following me. I looked back and would see the brush moving, or would hear scurrying noises. When I got to my dorm, the presence revealed itself: it was the squirrel! He had followed me home. I ran up the stairs and got more trail mix and almonds to bring out to him. He awaited my return patiently and seemed to be so thankful for my generosity. Several days passed, and the squirrel was now “my” squirrel. He followed me to class and he would sleep in my hands, curling his poofy tail around my wrist at night. It was so real. I even constructed some crazy wooden and leafy contraption that ran out my window and onto the tree so he could come up and down whenever he pleased. My squirrel was awesome, really.One quiet and normal night, someone walked into my room and I saw this burst of light from the hallway. It was a girl, but I could not see her face. She forcefully grabbed my squirrel out of my hands by his tail and paced over to my window. She tore down my contraption and proceeded to open the window. She was holding my squirrel out from the opening in attempt to drop him! I was yelling “What are you doing!?” and “PUT HIM DOWN!” She stared at me (even though I can not identify who this absolutely rude girl was) as my squirrel was also staring at me, squirming to escape. He looked so scared. I didn’t know what to do! All of the sudden, she did the unthinkable. She dropped my squirrel out of the two-story window. I heard him squeal as he fell and I instantly screamed SO loudly. I jumped out of bed and ran over to her with rage and threw her onto the floor. Now, I won’t go into too much detail about the crazy fight, but I will definitely say that I completely kicked her a**, even with my broken wrist. I was so livid that she had hurt my innocent and friendly squirrel buddy. After the brawl, I left her on the floor in my room because I knew I had to go get my squirrel and help him if he was hurt. I was crying so hard and was so worried about him. I ran as fast as I could down the stairs. When I opened the door, I saw him lying on the ground in the corner. He wasn’t moving. I started crying even harder. I ran over to him and kindly picked him up. He was slowly blinking at me as if he was in extreme pain and was gasping for air, in the EXACT way the Town & Country squirrel had been earlier that night (in reality). I was so devastated. How could this have happened to such an innocent animal? I was stunned. Immediately after this realization, I woke up.
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