Question: I was sitting on the beach with some friends and everything seemed realistic. It was all in black and white and the water seemed as if it was changing shades. I heard a noise behind me and ran into the water diving under the surface. When i opened my eyes i saw red coral all around me.
As i held my breath and swam deeper and deeper i noticed that everyhting was red including all the fish. It was as if someone had dyed the water and everything in it. Everything was moving really slow and i started to feel something was wrong. (im not sure if it was a lucid dream but i decided to start swimming upwards towards the surface to get away from the intense red color.). When i swam and reached the top of the water i broke the surface and when i looked around everything was black and white again. I woke up then but still can remember the vivid image of the intesne red coral and fish in comparison to everything else outside the water. It was almost a nightmare for me as when i woke up my heart was beating hard and it seemed that the whole idea of the dream had scared me. Either i was afraid of the colors or afraid of drowning.
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