Question: I have suffered sleep paralysis before just after i had my baby due to sleep deprivation i think!
I kept thinking there was a ghost in my room and felt like i was being pinned down to my bed withgreat force i couldn’t move at all and at times it took me a long time to come out of these, they were very scary! it was only after talking to a friend that i realised what it could be, eventually it stopped on its own once my son started sleeping better!!Now i have it again…just moved into a new flat and im having experiences with a red eyed demon who is in my room i get pinned down as before but this time i wake out of it and then go back into the state over and over again. i dont know what to do, its horrible! id rather not sleep to be honest!it seems my cause for this is definately lifestyle changes, I just hope it goes away again! hope this might help someone else experiencing this horrible nightmare…its not real what you are seeing. its all hallucinations so try not to be scared.