Question: I don’t remember all the details, like most dreams but this is probably one of the weirdest ones I’ve ever had. I dream about my ex boyfriend a lot, and usually every dream he shows up in I find out he was cheating on me, or doing something wrong to me. When really he was just a great guy and didn’t do anything wrong to me at all. I guess I just want a reason to hate him so my dreams try and find one.
Anyway, it starts when I’m at a friends house and we’re trying to do math homework, funny thing is though I don’t go to school with her. Her mom and dad are home, and we decide to smoke cigarettes in this room that I’ve never seen in her house. Originally we’re not allowed to smoke in the house though. Her boyfriend has recently left her too, but they’ve started to hang out again. In my dream, I got mad and jealous because she got to hang out with him and I never get to even see my ex boyfriend. So she tells me he had a really bad relationship with a good friend of mine before we started dating (Actually, they have never dated ever!) and I got so mad at her for betraying me, and even more jealous.So I go to this bakery that he’s supposed to be at (He lives 4 hours away so I don’t see how, but hey it’s a dream) So while I’m waiting for him I order this extremely oversized pink sprinkled donut and when I go to sit down I see him walk in. He doesn’t talk to me just yet so I get super nervous and go and order a whole plate full of cookies that look like play-doh. He comes out and talks to I guess a friend of his sitting at another table saying, “yeah I dated this crazy girl but really I liked this other girl across the street.” So i get mad and all of a sudden I’m in this like strawberry shortcake outfit and the last thing I said is “I’ll show him!” And then I woke up, very very weird.
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