Question: Right before getting into bed for the night last night, I was reading an article about the Price Middle School Shooting, which took place yesterday in my hometown of Atlanta. This story really stuck with me because I never would have thought that a school shooting would take place so close to where I went to school myself.
Not only did this story of the middle school shooting trouble me as I laid in bed before falling asleep, but also in my dreams that night.In one of my dreams that night, I was doing yard work with my friend Harper for her parents in order to make money to pay for the carnival that we were planning on going to with our rowing team. While we were spreading mulch in the backyard, we kept finding guns and kept trying to cover them with mulch over and over again. And no matter how much mulch we spread, we just couldn’t get them to go away. Even after going to the carnival and having a blast with my friends on the crew team, I still went to sleep in my dream thinking about the guns that just seemed to be everywhere.When I went to sleep in my dream, however, I woke up in reality with a clear recollection of my dream about the guns and how it related to the article on the Price Middle School Shooting that I had read the night before.
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