Question: One night I went to sleep a little too full and this was my dream: I dreamt that my parents were going to have another baby. They were very excited. For some reason we all new the baby was going to be my little sister who in the dream had not yet been born, but in already existed in real life, so I knew who she was. But then my mom and dad got very serious and explained to me that my mom was too old to have the baby, and that I would need to give birth to the baby.
Immediately I said no, but then my parents pointed out that in that case, my sister would never be born and I would never be able to see her again. I was scared to death, but my parents convinced me to have the baby. Next I was waking up in an operation room. I was pregnant with my sister and I could feel it in my stomach. I was confused, but it was time for school so I needed to be on my way. At school everyone looked at my like I was weird. I walked around school for a while with a stomachache, feeling like I had no friends, and was being judged very hard. Then I woke up.
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