Question: About 30 yrs ago I awoke standing behind the curtains, as in hiding, thinking my husband was a monster in the bed screaming at me. Though funny later, now, I have constant episodes of cussing, screaming, wanting to fight. It is so bad that our 3 dogs run out of the room when it starts, and one of them even trembles.
I don’t believe I sleep walk, but I have found myself at the end of the bed on my knees before with that feeling of “no energy” that you get in dreams. I do not fall asleep or sleep well. These episodes generally happen in the morning time after my husband has gotten up. He has told me that I make loud sounds like I am possessed. Nice. Everyone wants to hear that. He says they go on for anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.When he wakes me up I cuss him and am instantly mad before I realize what is going on. I usually have no clue what I am dreaming or talking/screaming at. I would really like to have this demon removed from me as it is effecting my life. I can not function during the day from being so tired.