Question: a little bit of back round knowledge: when i was about 8(im fourteen now) i was always terrified of a few things.. 1. the man on the moon, 2. rocky and bowinkle the moose, and third, those scary weird pop up pranks on the computer. please if you know whats going on. let me know.
My dreams have always been intense. ive always have woken up with chills or sleep terrors looking around my room like somethings wrong. still visualizing the outlines of the intense figures and patterns that were in my dream. this time it went way to far. when im in a realy deep sleep and its hard for me to wake up. my dream traps me inside. and scares the living hell out of me. i will try and try to get out, but it will trick me, like when ill have a bad dream and wake up and go to turn my light on, it wont turn on. thats when i realize im sucked into my dream and that i need to make a worth while and try to hold through so that i can get out. my mind plays me over and over again, keeping me sleep terrors but i can feel the chills and goosebumps in my dreams.. and this time it was weird and messed up.. imagine you flying.. and in mid air a giant white man on the moon starts calmly yelling at you. your heart starts racing so fast that you fall down. then you wake up in somethings arms.. you open your eyes very slowly and its bowinkle staring straight at you not talking. now pretend you wake up again this time in your bed where you had fallen asleep. you go down stairs to get something.. on your way up already a bit frightened of the basement, something pulls you down and you fall for three hours straight before
you finally smack face first into the ground you wake up.. again.. terrified.. go to turn on your light and tv as an indicator that your not in your dream.. nothing turns on, no one is home. you feel like your heart has been shattered from beating so fast and your chest incaves into your terrified kick open the door, run outside, and begin to run.. youve never felt your heart beat faster in your whole life time. you are scared and afraid and dont know what to do so you begin to run down your block jumping higher and higher with each leap. finally your flying over a nearby sod farm local to your house.. you fall again as you hit the ground you close your eyes open.. and know your in a boat with no oars in the middle of a lake.. you see a small paper plane fly across it and open it up into an exorcist face. you break down in tears. finally you wake up. this was my dream. after i woke up i immediately sat up the up half of my body, with an anxiety attack, i started crying my eyes out. bawling.i tried picking up my legs it didnt work.. screaming.. AH NOT THIS NOTHIS GAIN NO thinking im still in a dream. finally my legs started moving.. as i went to reach for a light i had fallen down and started spazzing out on the floor, tried to indicate it. i blacked out after the spasm. woke up on my floor whhere it had occured.. i sat in my bed not wanting to fall asleep just crying for three ours straight until finally the sun came up.. i had made it. this was three days ago. im in need of some sort of information, explanation, or assistance. like i said if you know whats going on. let me know.
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