Question: My husband and i have been together for over 9 years. In the beginning of our relationship he would tell me of nights where he kicked the wall while sleeping. Years ago when we began staying the night together there was a night he punched me in the mouth due to a dream he was having.
Years later, actually within the past 2 months, he’s been acting out again. On 2 separate occasions i received a swift blow to the back of my head. But just 3 nights ago, instead of waking up after the first hit and my shouting he connected 3 hard blows to the back of my head. He finally woke up at that point completely devastated over what he had just done.I must stress that my husband has no idea what he’s doing at these moments and is and never has been a violent man. Ironically in his dreams he is usually trying to protect me, unfortunately there isn’t anyone to protect me from him. Due to this last “attack” i have been to scared to sleep in the same bed as him.Tomorrow is monday and will be contacting the Dr. And requesting a sleep study be done. I love my husband very much, & hate not sharing a bed with him, but as it stands every time i feel or hear him shift in bed a jump awake trying to scurry to the floor or attempt to block a possible blow. 🙁