Question: Our 15 y.o. boy comes home from school and promptly falls asleep almost every day for 3-4 hours in our TV room. Other members of the family may have the TV on while he slumbers. If we can wake him by 7 – 9 PM he then stays up for 30-90 minutes and retires to his bedroom occasionally after partaking of a snack. He arises by 7AM, typically prompted several times by one of his parents and is groggy or non-responsive to normal conversational inquiries, other than monosyllabic utterances, during the 15 minute ride to school.
On the weekend he often stays up until 2 – 4 AM playing virtually on X-box with his friends. He then sleeps the next day until noon or later. He is very difficult to rouse as he sleeps deeply. He is 5’11”, 130 lbs., and has been an athlete all of his life. He plays on the football and baseball teams at his high school. When he has a friend(s) over they frequently take exercise breaks and play ‘hoop’ for 30-40 minutes. He has a 97 average in school and shows no overt signs of personality disorder or depression. Is he getting enough sleep? He is so successful in all areas of his life we hesitate to correct what may only be a problem for his parents! Are there ramifications to his sleep habits that may surface at a later date?Thanks you!