Question: Hi all,
I have Bipolar disorder and Clinical depression along with my Narcolepsy and Sleep Apnea. Fortunately my doctors are good communicators. They all say I’m a nightmare to medicate and I think I can understand that. C-Pap handles my Apnea just fine but the others are running amok. None of my doctors will give me enough of any medication to be effective because they are worried they will react with the low doses of the other doctors who also feel that a therapeutic dose will interfere and so on and so on. Its sort of like a doctor refusing to give Morphine to a terminal patient because he may get addicted. I can only think of one way that I will have to to have any quality of life in my remaining years. Is 55 to old to start medical school?.lol…As far as Narcolepsy goes I continue my quest for a doc that cares more that I have the best quality of life possible by writing me for Desoxyn and saying the hell with the scrutiny from the AMA, FDA, FBI and drug enforcement units that watch them for that type of thing. I read and research hundreds of factual documents and opinions by agency’s who should know about the use of Desoxyn in Narcolepsy. Here are a couple sentences that say it all.”Patients who would do well on stimulants or have in the past done well on stimulants are likely not to get them. Under prescribing is more of a problem than over prescribing….National Institute On Drug Abuse” (the very people the doctors think are going to come down on them)“This massive reduction in use has been accompanied by great reluctance on the part of most physicians to prescribe stimulants even when the medical indication is very clear or when the patient’s clinical history clearly documents complete failure to respond to any other medication.”I don’t know!Mike