Question: My dream begins and I am on a boat – a cruise ship to be exact. I am in a hallway with lots of doors. Somehow I am aware of the fact that while most of the doors lead into guest rooms, one door leads to a secret spiral staircase down to the lower levels of the ship. I need to find the stairway in order to get to safety because the boat is flooding. There is a huge rainstorm outside and water is beginning to pour into the hallway through the ceiling.
I am frantically running down the hallway trying various doors when I get to a bright red door. I know that this door is not the right one – going through that door would be a trap. So I try the one next to it and there is the staircase! I slid down the railing of the stairs and seem to slide for quite a while. When I reach the bottom I find a circular door. I walk through the door and into a chamber. There is a flashing green button on the wall and so I press it. Suddenly the group begins to move and I wind up in a room with some other people. They tell me that I am not on the ship anymore and that I am in a submarine under the ocean. The captain of the ship is in the room and he asks me for my address and says that he should be able to drop me off at home in a couple of days once the storm calms down. Then I woke up!
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