Question: Yummy crepes!
The spiral parking ramp
Bar One chocolate

Scene 1:
I was visiting some place which I seemed to be very familiar with. There was a small canteen where a lady was finishing up her cooking. I asked her whether she had any food items ready, and she told me the entire staff was at the other canteen of theirs. She asked me how many people were with me (Maybe I used to hang out there with my friends). I said I was alone, and she kindly offered to make me something real quick. Within 2 minutes, she had served me huge yummy crepes with some great side dishes too!Scene 2:I was in a jeep with 2 other friends, one of whom was driving us out of a multi-tier parking lot. We were at the top tier, and he decided to go full-speed down the spiral ramp, similar to the one in ‘Fast and The Furious – Tokyo Drift’. Just as we started going down the ramp, we passed by two cops who shouted out asking us to stop. We kept going regardless, though we did hear one of them shouting out “100k(ph)” to warn us how fast we were going! My friend who was driving remarked that he knew the cop so he would take care of it if required. At the bottom of the ramp, we were stopped by another cop who asked us for our documents. My friend disappeared, apparently to talk to the cop he claimed he knew.Scene 3:I was at someone’s home this time, again a place which I seemed I frequented a lot. The domestic help, an elderly man, knew me quite well, and served dinner for the two of us on the table. (yeah, he was more of a friend than a domestic help). I was rummaging through the fridge looking for a particular kind of chocolate – Bar One, chocolate bars having a white packaging with red stripes. Both of us recalled having seen it in the fridge a few days ago, but couldn’t find it now. All we could see was some stupid candy. Then he opened one of the fridge compartments and sure enough, all the Bar Ones were there! We took one each, but while I decided to have mine after the meal, he munched it down immediately. Then we proceeded to enjoy the delicious meal….. and then I woke up.
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