Question: I have sleep paralysis sometimes frequently..but have not had it in a while… Maybe in about 8 months….This morning I had it… It seemed as though I can see my entire surroundings…I saw how the covers went across half of my face, I saw my phone on the night stand….I could hear the TV in the other room…but I could not wake up…
In fact I even tried waking myself up by shaking my body… Sometimes It works…because I am conscious of the Sleep Paralysis Phenomenon…I literally tell myself to wake up… and try to shake my body as hard as I can…Sometimes works but it’s an effort for a while until I wake up completely…and then Im SOOOOO TIRED when I wake up.. I have not experienced strange voices or had weird visions… But it does feel like someone is holding you down because you literally cannot move.It usually comes in clusters…I’ve heard different versions of the cause of it.. completely exhausted… stress/anxiety…but I don’t experience any of those things….I have been known to talk in my sleep as well….It’s crazy but since I read up on it and know what Sleep Paralysis is …when it happens in my sleep I am conscious of it…and I dont panic as much….

Answer: Thanks for writing in and sharing your experiences Melissa. For an explanation of the causes of sleep paralysis that is founded in science (it has to do with REM atonia, the mechanism in your body that paralyzes you every night during REM sleep so you don’t act out your dreams), please read here.

Thanks for your question and good luck,