Question: Last night I had my first experience ever with Sleep Paralysis. I was in the midst of a really frightening dream, and I remember I was trying to yell out in the dream and I couldn’t speak. So I kept screaming the same sentence with my mouth never opening, until all of a sudden the atmosphere virtually changed from where I was in my dream, to the exact room I was asleep in.
From the events of the dream I was still in a frantic state. It felt like my eyes were spinning around but I could see everything perfectly… So I tried to yell out again and it wasn’t working. I just remember that I kept yelling until it finally came out loud. And then I couldn’t move any part of my body. So I was laying there trying to get myself up until it worked.The first thing I realised was how sweaty I was. Then I just got up and ran out of that room crying…And for about a half hour after that I had to stay wide awake pinching myself because it stillfelt like my eyes were spinning, and I feared that if I fell back asleep it would happen again.