Question: I have a 25 month old daughter who doesn’t sleep at night. She goes to bed at a normal time which is about 9ish or so and she usually falls asleep about 9:30 or so. But then every night about 12 or 12:30 she is up screaming her head off.
I go in to see what’s the matter and she is usually sitting up in bed (looks like she’s asleep) and I will say her name and she jumps and comes running to me. I pick up her sooth her back to sleep and then it starts all over in about an hour. Sometimes she is standing in the middle of the room (looks like she’s asleep), then when I yell her name she jumps and comes running.Last night was a bad one, she went to bed about 9, and then about 11:45 she woke up screaming and i just let her scream for about an hour. She never stopped, so I went in and she was standing at the door just screaming crying. I put her back in bed and told her that she needs to stay here, she then fell back to sleep. Then about an hour later she was up screaming again.I just got so tired that I ended up putting her in bed with me so I could get some sleep. She sometimes cries when she is in my bed, but for the most part she stays asleep. I’m not sure if maybe it’s the way her room is set up? I thought that since she could see the living room from her door and the living room was dark it scared her, but most of the time she is asleep when she is crying so I’m not sure what is going on?I asked the doctor and they thought that it was her acid reflux so I put her back on her meds and its not helping at all. I think she is having night terrors but I dont know what to do about it?? I just want to get a normal night sleep and not 2-3 hours here or there. HELP!!