Question: My 8 year old boy never have a single day of restful quality sleep. This is making me very worried and tired. On good nights, he will still wake up 2 times in a night. On bad nights, he hardly sleeps. Throughout the night, he tosses, and sleep for another few minutes and tosses again. Besides, when he wakes up in the middle of the night, usually I have to pat him back to bed. It will take 15 mins or sometimes 1-2 hours later before he sleeps again.
He has allergy rhinitis, and has been taking singulair for the past 1 and half year and seems to be in control. Before that we thought that was the cause of his restless nights. But when we arrest these problems, he still doesn’t get good rest. His bedtime is at 10.30pm till 8.30am on the average. I can tell that most days he wakes up tired.I do not know where or who to turn to for help. To me, his problem could be due to:1) allergy2) sleep apnea3) emotional stress4) sleep terrors5) all of the above.I get feedback from his teacher about some behavourial issues and this is also affecting his myopia. He knows his problem is affecting his school and it stresses him as well. He is a good boy and reassuring me all the time that he will do his best to cooperate.Please advise how I can help him. I’m desperate.