Question: My 3 year old son with Down syndrome started having sleep problems a year ago. Two sleep studies later, we are no closer to an answer.
He goes to sleep at night fine, and sleeps soundly for about the first 3 hours. From then on he has constant movement, sometimes just an arm flailing back and forth, sometimes rocking his whole body back and forth, and sometimes rolling all over. He will sit up and flop forward too.He is not awake during all this, but not really sound asleep either. If you pick him up he’s wide awake. He was diagnosed with sleep hypopnea in December and put on singulair and flonase, which have helped his nasal congestion but not his sleep quality. He wakes up in the morning tired and crabby, until his nap which he sleeps fine for, then is happy the rest of the day. I’m at my wits end. Any suggestions or opinions of what could be wrong?