Question: Last summer, due to a trip to Europe (time change, new environment etc.) my son’s (4 years old) sleep schedule changed in a major way. He stopped napping (while he did a good 2 hours prior) and he got about 2 hours less sleep at night). As time passed his sleep became worse (he would wake often, or slept half awake).
All this manifested in his day-time behavior in a major way as well. He was more irritable, threw large tantrums, started with heavy daydreaming, even would blankly stare off for a few seconds or have jittery hand movements and make weird noises. He would be always conscious, answer back right away, but still it was very disturbing.Once we got back to our regular life (schedule, activities and preschool) all this stopped. Now with the winter holiday his sleep pattern got disturbed again and the same circle started all over.My question is: can sleep cause all the episodes (Daydreaming and even the jittery movements and “urged” noises he makes)? Or should we look for a physiological reason maybe?Thank you!? M.H.