Question: My son has been diagnosed with ADHD and nocturnal seizures. He is taking Focalin XR for the ADHD and Lamictal for the nocturnal seizures. The Lamictal seemed to work well for awhile, but he awakens at 3 am almost nightly. I am able to get him back to sleep quickly by putting him in bed with mom and dad.
During this time I can feel his seizures taking place. Lots of movement in his arms, legs and feet. It prohibits me from sleeping. Unfortunately, our pediatric neurologist moved away and I am having difficulty finding a new one. The last one we saw felt my son was simply having “tremors” since he didn’t “thrash” during the night.The EEG taken during our visit with this last neurologist did not show any type of seizure because he was awake during the test. I explained to the doctor that my son was not sleeping. His response was that children require different amounts of sleep. I was very disappointed and felt this appointment was a waste of time and my son’s issues were not addressed.Has anyone had similar experiences with their child? Does anyone know a good pediatric neurologist in the Sarasota, St. Petersburg or Tampa area?Thank you M. Wilson. Venice, FL