Question: About a year ago, I was pretty stressed out about a part I had to play in band the next day. I played flute at the time, and my flute was taken apart and put in its case on my desk, a few feet away from my bed.
At about 11 at night, I experienced a lucid dream–or at least, what I thought was a lucid dream (a dream which you are aware that you are dreaming and can sometimes control what happens).I remember in the dream I got out of bed, walked to my desk, and began putting together my flute. I began playing it. I could feel my dream self getting really excited for some reason. I began to jump on my bed.Keep in mind that this whole time I thought I was dreaming, where, as I realized later, it was actually real.I ran to the office where my parents were. My mom and dad were both there, and they looked weirded out that I was awake. At that moment I woke up. I had slept walked all the way to the office, across the house, but the weird part was, I hadn’t put together my flute, and my mom wasn’t even in the office, only my dad. It was bizarre! After muttering an awkward “Sorry…” I shuffled back to bed.