Question: My six year old daughter wakes up every single night. She has always done so. In her short life she has slept through the night only a dozen times.
We have a calm bed time routine which includes reading and she is usually asleep by 8.30pm and wakes at 7.00-7.15am. We maintain this during the week and weekends.She wakes at least 2 times a night, mostly between 3 and 5 times. She goes back to sleep now, but she has always needed comfort and physical contact with me, her mum, to calm her. When she was a baby we always had the sense she could not ‘let go’ for sleep. Because of this, we have mostly co-slept to ensure some sleep for all.We are now despairing as I have not had a full night’s sleep in over six years. Her little sister just sleeps and wakes perhaps once if she has dropped her dummy in her sleep.We eat healthily, watch only little TV and are otherwise a happy family. The sleep deprivation is however now taking its toll. We have tried letting her sleep with us, on a mattress, scolding, giving incentives and giving magnesium supplements but nothing has changed the constant night wakings. What can we do?