Question: I have sleep-apnea which I recently found out. I have “always” had difficulties sleeping. Let me rephrase that, difficulties staying asleep. Going to sleep, no problem. I can wake to anything. Example: A simple change in wind pattern from my fan. A crick from a door. A footstep on carpet. Literally anything…except white noise of a fan.
When I was young it was night-terrors (nightmares-which I still get, but I’m more comfortable with them). When I was in my teens it was stay up late, get up early. Now (i’m 40) sleep apnea. I’m overweight. Tired. Honestly, I believe life is a dream and it’s passing by.I recently have seen my BP go up, welps and mild rashes. My eyes everyday twitch. My skin is starting to get excema (sp?). I have two dime sized bumps (i guess lipomas) on my forehead and my back of my head. I use to have muscular arms and legs (always had a belly and love handles) now I’m shrinking. Yes, I will get my exercise pattern going.But, I have become comfortably numb with knowing I will never really be awake and benefit my family growing up. I always forget. Sometimes I say things that a normal person wouldn’t dream of, hence my dream-like state. I do things normal people would dream of doing. I don’t take anything except Tylenol pm. Tried other stuff, but you don’t really get good sleep. And they are really scary.