Question: Ugh, I reluctantly have to admit that I also do this in my sleep. My fiancee says that it has been happening more lately. Every night for the last week or so.
I’m usually pretty calm during the day. I manage my anxiety with meditation, and have been told in the past that it’s just a safe way to let out pent up emotions.I have been doing this for a very long time. I am a female who will be turning 40 soon. I also fart in my sleep. Thank god my fiancee loves me unconditionally.I am a mess when I sleep. I didn’t have a great childhood and have trust issues as well. Not sure if any of this helps anyone, but my grand-mom and mom also do this too. I just accept it because I don’t ever get violent just mumble the “F” word and say terrible things like “F” you and I’m going to “f” you up!! The human mind is a mystery but I believe it’s a coping mechanism from a not so good childhood?