Question: I’m just your average 16 year old boy with the same sleeping patterns as any other teenager. I do not suffer from any sleep disorders such as narcolepsy. I do however, suffer from chronic migraines, i’m not sure if that is relevant or not… Anyway here is my story:
This is the second time in a month this has happened but I remember this one perfectly. I first found myself on a soccer field and yes I do play soccer. My head started hurting then suddenly it felt like someone was trying to compress my head and flatten it yet I could not make it stop.Next I woke up in my bed to find that I could not move, only see my surroundings. I tried to fight the urge to fall back asleep but I was helpless. The next thing I knew I was laying in my bed with that same pressure squeezing my head.I had a friend staying the night laying in a bed next to me and I found myself trying to yell and shake him but no matter how hard I tried, nothing was accomplished. It almost seemed that he was dead.Next the pain in my head ceased long enough for me to run to my parents’ room. When I got there I started yelling and thrashing saying I was dying but my parents just stared at me. I could hear a crack as if my skull had been been crushed or an anuerism was squeezing my brain.As I felt like I was going to die, fading to black I woke back up in my bed. Now in reality, my head was pounding when I awoke. I was really scared when I looked at my clock to see the time was 245, I had gone to sleep around 215. How could all that occur in such a short time? I thought REM sleep took an hour to set in. What is happening to me??