Question: My daughter is 11. She started having seizures only in her sleep a year ago. Doctors put her on medication with no known cause for seizures.
The medication seemed to be working. A couple of months ago she was watching TV and she was a little tired from her day. She started screaming and her whole body was tensed up. We didn’t know what to do after a hour of this happening every 10 minutes we called 911. She was rushed to the hospital were the EMT and doctor had never seen this happen before. She was released with no answers. She started having more of these episode usually when she was trying to go to sleep or right after she woke up in the morning. We have done several EEG and sleep studies still with no answers. She is awake when these episodes happen and she can feel then about to happen. We have no answers and all we can do is watch as she goes through this. If anyone has heard of this or child has experienced this please help.