Question: Shiloh is now 2 and has always been a child that never has properly slept. As a baby she would wake up around 5 times per night for feeding which we believed was pretty normal for a baby. Then as she got older she still woke up during the night some times screaming with night terrors for a minute or so and nothing can stop her from crying.
Today she has up to 2 to 3 bottles to make her go back to sleep as she wakes up every night at least 5 times. Bottles are given as she cries out for them. If she does not get her bottle then she screams as if she is dying, it is a terrible sound.I have noticed that she has heavy breathing to the point where it sounds like she is snoring. I believe that she may have adenoid problems and we are going to investigate this with a specialist hospital as she also does not like eating solid food as much and someone said that this could be linked to the adenoids.During the day she does sleep for up to 3 hours and her sleep is quite settled and she does not usually wake at all unless someone was to make a lot of noise. So duing the day she has normal sleep.I have just found out that my son in the other room is being affected by her crying and he wakes up during the night and he feels tired all day. We need help and the sleep centres in Australia are expensive so we need to find out what is keeping her waking up during the night. Before she goes to sleep she wants to hold my hand and will not let go until she falls asleep.