Question: My boyfriend sleep talks ALL night almost every night. He doesn’t mumble, he speaks very clearly just as when he is awake. I can have long conversations with him while he is asleep. He often sits up, and gestures while sleep talking. It is not only for an hour or so, but from the minute he falls asleep to the moment he wakes up, often with about 15-minute intervals.
I am concerned this much sleep talking may be harmful, since it’s during the entire night. Does he actually get any rest while sleeping? Does he need to attend some sort of therapy?

Answer: Hey Nathalie, thanks for writing in. If his sleep talking is something that is to the point of affecting your own sleep as well, or he is feeling sleep deprived or drowsy throughout the day, then it definitely may be something worth visiting a sleep center for.In the meantime, you may be interested in checking out this page on our site that generated an interesting dialogue about conversations while asleep. And on a lighter note, have you heard of the Sleep Talkin’ Man before? If not you should definitely check out the blog for some good laughs.Best wishes!

Thanks for your question and good luck,