Question: 7 yr old is very bright and active in select sports..she excells in everything she does. A couple months ago she started having ‘accidents’ (bedwetting), but not all of the time. (When she was an infant she had a few night terrors, but grew out of it.)
She will get up and come in bed with us, but again, not all of the time. She sleeps in a bed with her sister, and has for 2 yrs. We do have her go to the bathroom before she lays down. I know chocolate can be a diuretic and last night she did have some before she went to bed, so maybe that’s it!?!But, there is one other thing, and maybe it’s totally unrelated…she failed her vision test at school…the farsighted part. She says she doesn’t have problems seeing, and is not getting headaches, don’t know if the two could be related, just reaching. Any thoughts?!?!