Question: My dream last night (or at least my memory of my dream last night) began in my chemistry section in Room 267 of Mudd. I distinctly remember my TA and my two lab partners. My lab partners were the two girls who had been my partners the week before, though they had been randomly assigned this week. The other section members were there, but I don’t remember them distinctly.
The room was somewhat distorted, with all of the students and lab benches on the right side of the room, but the TA was talking from the left side of the room. We were given a packet with instructions, and then we were each assigned an item that we had to bake something with for the next week, and we would be graded on the quality of our baked good. My group was assigned Cinnamon. However, the sheet had a question “Does one of your group members know how to drive?” and none of my group members did. My TA told me to switch groups, but I argued that I knew plenty of people who knew how to drive. I listed four people (who shall remain nameless here, but I remember their names, and they do have cars on campus in real life).My TA happened to know one of the people I named, and started talking about how she was a controlling bitch. I don’t remember the transition here, but the next thing I remember was showing up with bowls and baking supplies at one of my friend’s suite in Governor’s corner. The suite wasn’t like her actual suite, though; it looked like the inside of a Marriot Residence Inn. There were two people watching TV in the dark and drinking huge bottles of something, so we had to whisper.At first, we decided to make bread pudding. Interestingly, though, we did it entirely without bread. So I suppose it really was a cake, though I wasn’t aware of this discrepancy in the dream. At this point, one of my lab partners had disappeared and was replaced for the
rest of the dream by one of the girls who lived in the suite.We made one vanilla and one chocolate batter, both which included cinnamon, and then swirled them together. I remember being very concerned that the chocolate would not taste good because we used Hershey’s syrup instead of real melted chocolate. I also was worried that the chocolate would overpower the cinnamon taste, which is what we were being graded on anyway. We also debated whether we should put the batter in teacups, but ultimately decided we should just put it in mini ceramic soufflé dishes. It was then time to present our food to the rest of the class and the TA.The judging was taking place in the suite, so everyone was coming in with their baked goods. One group had a cupcake with cupcake-shaped frosting on top of their cupcake, then a smaller cupcake on top of that, and it was all gold-colored. I don’t remember the specifics of the other groups’ baked goods, but they were all variations of cupcakes. Again I questioned whether the cinnamon taste would come through enough in ours. I thought we should have made a spice cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Then I remembered that spice cake gets rubbery after a few days, and watched a video on the mechanism by which it gets rubbery.When they started tasting our baked good, it transformed into a peach and raspberry tart. It still had cinnamon, though, so I wasn’t concerned.The dream ended without knowing the results, and just with me thinking that we should have made a cinnamon cupcake with pear compote inside and cinnamon frosting.I distinctly remember color in the dream, which is a new experience (or at least new observation) for me. The chocolate syrup was certainly brown, the teacups were all different shades of green, and the tart was bright orange and deep red, with a realistically pale crust. My TA was wearing a navy blue shirt. However, I do not remember my surroundings (either the lab room or the suite) having any color.
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