Question: My dream begins with me and my brother standing outside of an extremely well protected house. The house was guarded by a tall chain link fence and behind it were lots of lions and bushes that were the same colors as the lions. We jumped over the fence, ran past the lions, jumped over another fence and managed to get into the house. (I don’t remember what we did in the house or what our objective was).
The next thing I know is that we are running away from the bad guys and escape the way we returned. After jumping over the first fence it was as if we were in water because we swam through the area where the lions were but this time they were gone.The men chased us into the city and in particular I remember running down the walls of a building to escape from a man who had blonde, slicked back, and who wore dark sunglasses and a leather jacket. We managed to get away and I hid in a group of people in a bakery. The man walked in and looked around and he looked at me but didn’t recognize me so he left. I didn’t know how or why he didn’t recognize me because I could have sworn he looked directly at me.After that I left my physical body to look at myself in order to see why he didn’t recognize me and I saw myself as a complete stranger with dark, oddly cut hair and with a bruise on my face.
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