Question: First thing i remember was i was sitting in a classroom with my football stuff in a bag with some of the team. Then i started to look through the bag and realized i left some stuff in my car. So i asked someone if i had time to get it and he said ya.
So I left my stuff there ran out to get the rest. When i was coming back they were loading up in and large van. So i told them to wait because i had to run back to the room and get the stuff i left there. When i came back they were driving away. I got super mad dropped my stuff and ran to my car. It was an old probably 60’s muscle car, i got in and drove after the van. When i caught them i started swerving at them and driving crazy around them. I eventually ran them off the road and the van rolled and everyone inside died.I stopped and started try to cover up the evidence that i was there. Then it skipped to a few months later at a basketball game. I remember the team was terrible and i wasn’t on the team but i was in the stands. I looked over and there was this open spot were all those kids used to sit.So i knew i got away with it. Then people from the other team started to talk trash about the team that died and that’s the last thing i remember before i woke up.Please leave question or comments
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