Question: Rolling Stones

There’s a knock at the door. I open it and there’s Mick Jagger. The Stones are doing a concert that night, and Mick wants to borrow my clothes to perform in. Those who know me would find that idea hilarious, as I am not into any fashion. But I welcome Mick inside, and we go to my closet. I am surprised to find that the closet is empty. Somehow I deduce that my clothes are being kept in a closet at a private girls school(!). I reassure Mick that its OK, we’ll just go to the school. Instead of taking his limo, I ride my bicycle with him on the back. The back tire is a little low (not flat), and that makes me work all the harder. Somehow we arrive at the school, find my clothes, Mick makes his choices, and the Stones have a successful concert. I was glad to help in my own small way.

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