Question: I am overheating and getting tingles but no sweats every night. My overheating very predominantly comes on in the early hours of the morning; every morning Grrrrrr.
I am NOT SWEATING. My skin doesn’t feel excessively overheated except where insulated by the mattress or head on the pillow. The heating is in the core of the body and the head where it touches the pillow but not generally in the arms and legs. I took my temperature once and found it to be normal. Must try again as I may not have done it properly.Ambient temperature is a catalyst but not really a cause. Hot summer nights (say 20 degrees plus celsius) mean the heating comes on earlier and is more persistent than say single figure temperatures. When the heating comes on (between 1 am – 6 am typically) I can get up and lie on a cold leather couch with a sheet only then swap to a different leather couch etc etc. The cold leather dissipates the heat after a while and by swapping couches I can keep the surface cold.I do all sorts of things to dissipate the heat. In winter I just try to keep as uncovered as possible which helps to minimize. I have to strike a temperature balance to get to sleep initially.The sleep deprivation is distressing and it’s every night. Its about heat but it also has a discomfort a bit like “pins and needles”. It’s a discomfort more than a pain. The issue is in the torso of the body and upper arms mainly. Its like I need to jump into a fridge for a while then I can get back to sleep. When I go to bed I am normal but I know what’s coming and it’s like the tide it always comes. So let’s hear what advances we can make because this seems to be uncommon and my Doc has yet to come up with anything to relieve the symptoms.For the past 6 months I have searched for answers. Three doctors appointments, blood tests and urine (adrenalin) checks so far have no answers. Relentless internet searching has found few people with common symptoms. Lots of menopause issues and HRT etc but I am a male in his 60s. I am really keen to find answers and others with similar issues where we can compare and help each other. One other gentleman has commented on this site with the same symptoms.Answers/suggestions please.