Question: I was in my room with my buddies. Somehow I had acquired a ton of ridiculous clothes and they were all making fun of me, so I decided I should get rid of every piece of clothing. My explained to me a quick and easy way of disposing of the clothing; by standing in between two magic mirrors that were hung on opposite walls. The five manikins that resembled myself (that I apparantly kept in my closet) provided me with five chances to dismiss my clothing and come back through the manikin. My friend explained that in order to get rid of the clothing via the mirrors, all I had to do was put as many articles of clothing on as possible, then stand in between the mirrors. After a moment I would disappear briefly and return completely naked, as well as losing one of my manikins and using up a magic mirror trip. He said that as long as I had a manikin, I would be sure to return.
So I got right to it, packing on my ridiculous clothing and dispensing it through the magic mirror. One trip, two trips, three trips… I was having a great time with this phenomenom. Five trips down and all my trips expired, I lost myself. I hopped in front of the mirror a sixth time, still unaware of what I was doing. Before it swept me away, I looked down and realized I had on normal clothing and some of my favorite shirts. Too late to hop out however; the mirror took me…. I was walking out of my room after all this took place with my friend, Dan, and was explaining to him that I lost my favorite Stanford team shirt and was pretty bummed. “Oh well, it’s just a shirt,” I said, and that’s when I realized that I had taken six trips in the mirrors, one more than my friend said was possible to come back. I began to wonder, was I back in reality, or in a completely different world…
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