Question: Tino

I was wandering the jungle with what seemed to be my pet giraffe. I am not entirely sure if it was my pet, but the giraffe seemed stunningly loyal to just be one of those normal stray giraffes you see so often on the discovery channel. When my legs got tired I would tell the giraffe who I called Tino, to let me hitch a ride, and we would wander the jungle waving to leopards, gorillas, and cheetahs. Tino was a great ride through the thick brush of the jungle, but I oftentimes felt bad that he kept having to duck under overhanging branches. I gave him a back massage as we went for reciprocity.
Then, all of a sudden, as we passed through a shallow swamp we arose in the arctic. It was just me, Tino, and 3 arctic penguins who looked very puzzled. I hopped off Tino and approached the Penguins with a map, as they pointed me in what supposedly was the right direction (who knows where this destination was). However, they also advised that we stay for the night to enjoy a movie. Tino and I agreed, and settled into an igloo for the night watching what I hope was the King’s Speech because I want to see that.
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