Question: Just this morning I woke up then fell back to sleep immediately and fell into my 2nd lucid dream that i can recall. I will preface by saying i am recently sober and just completed a 30 day rehab 20 days ago. The dream started with me back in rehab with some friends from high school also there.
That part didn’t seem odd to me until my friend from high school said hi to a guy i was in rehab with who was in the dream. I thought wait a minute those 2 dont know each other? That’s when i realized I was dreaming.I then decided to fly which Ive always wanted to do in a dream. And I made it to the ceiling and floated around the room a bit. Soon after a man appeared and started to chase me, it was like he was angry that i was aware of the dream. He was almost a creature in that he roared instead of talking and came after me with knives. I somehow used energy blast from my hand to remove the knives and tried to cut him with the knives. I was only able to defeat him when i held him down on a stove and had someone else poor flammable liquid on him.The dream then ended. I think the creature represented part of myself but Id like to know your opinions. I also would like advice on how to break through the ceiling and fly more than float. Any help is appreciated. -J