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Oh my gosh this dream has made me horny! Not the way it begins but the way it ends. In the beginning I was at this overnight summer camp and had just got done rope swinging into the muddy creek nearby. Because it is a camp I am forced to shower in these open shower areas. I know of a locker-room that is more private and only contains two showers so I try that first. There?s a guy in the first shower so I undress and take the second. After a minute or so I feel awkward and open my eyes to see my 11th grade history teacher standing there just staring at me. I say, ?sorry dude I don?t swing that way?. I dry off, dress, grab my clothes and quickly find the closest shower around which is wide open and full of many booths. I have a date with my girlfriend and time is running out so I am desperate and decided I don?t care about showering in front of a bunch of people and since the room is empty I figure I will be fine. Well after about 5 minutes I am in the middle of this large locker but naked washing myself when 100 gorgeous girls come walking in from the camps soccer team! I was in such a rush that I hadn?t realized this was the girls locker-room. I could feel each and every one of them staring at my crouch. They were all smiling and laughing because I had showered in the wrong place. I tried to leave and they insisted that I stay, stating that it was ok and I was almost done anyhow. So I didn?t want to seem like a wuss and finished my shower with each of them so intent at staring at my Mr. Happy that I felt like it was going to fall off! Now I am an oneirologist and have a good idea of what this dream means! I’d like to know what you all think!!! In return if you have dreams that you’d like to know the meaning of please visit my site (above) and I will be glad to chat about it and give you my professional interpretation! Also more of my ridiculous dream recording can be found there.
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