Question: When I was in college, I didn’t know what was happening, was I abducted by aliens?
If I let the “buzzing” overtake me, I would be paralyzed and frightened. Sometimes I could fight it off by staying awake. Sometimes I would “wake” and be paralyzed. I finally somehow learned that if I just breathe and focus on breathing, I would fall asleep and wake up fine later.Occasionally someone downstairs would hear me yell and ask what I was dreaming about the night before. How could I tell them that I was screaming and nothing was coming out? I was afraid to tell anyone, the next morning none of it seemed real. It was many years later that I heard the term “sleep paralysis” used, when discounting a “paranormal” experience. I then recognized that this is indeed what happened.It’s only happened a handful of times since. College was a very stressful time, that may have affected me. Hope this description helps someone, I wish I had learned this 30 years ago!