Question: Recently, I had a dream that I was on my way to class (in high school). I was driving one of those old Jeep Wranglers along the beach to get there. When I reached the water, I stopped, and got out of the car. I tried running along the water to move towards my classroom, but my feet were too heavy. That, in combination with the wet sand, made me move very slowly. I kept trying to move forward, knowing that I was going to be late. When I looked down at my feet again, i realized that I was wearing ice skates. I started to panic.
I had never been late to class before, and if showed up too late, or missed class entirely, I would get a dreaded infraction! I had a perfect record, and could not afford to get one of those – my parents would kill me! No sooner had I thought this, than my dad showed up. He walked with me for a little while as, with tears streaming down my face, I told him of my concerns. He sympathized, but unfortunately could do nothing to help me, and left. Eventually, after walking for a long time, I finally made it to Spanish. Class was long over, and nobody was in the classroom. I knew that I was in trouble, and started crying, panicking as I considered the punishments in store for me for cutting class. When I woke up, I had tears on my face, and my heart was racing from the dangers I had encountered in dream world.
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